about the author

hi! i'm renaissance; you can call me ren. i'm a fandom antiquity and i've used many names over the years, so you may know me by something else; probably my old ao3 username, memorde.

i use she/her pronouns (also okay with they/them or no pronouns) and i live in australia. there is little else i can say - i also write original fiction, and for that reason i keep my identity separate from my fannish self.

you probably know me from one of several fandoms that i'm not writing for anymore. these days on my ao3, you'll see lots of very sad wolfstar, wildly speculative trio era minor character fic, and microfandoms.

i have two active WIPs: "long for this world," which i am working on making a long one-shot, and "A Colder War," my wolfstar fix-it magnum opus. i am also actively working on the "you might belong in hufflepuff" series, but other than that all my active projects remain unpublished. keep this in mind before you ask if i'm going to write a sequel or continuation to something. and check out my transformative works policy - maybe you'd like to remix it yourself!

despite my minimal presence, i love meeting people and talking fandom! you can contact me via dreamwidth.

notable works

popular fics not necessarily included. these are notable because i love them :)

chaptered/series | The Accidental Renaissance of Zacharias Smith • Harry Potter • Zacharias/Anthony, gen | A Colder War (WIP) • Harry Potter • Remus/Sirius | Before Destruction • ASoIaF • Brienne/Jaime | do something pretty (while you can) • Yuri!!! On Ice • Viktor/Yuuri | Impostor Syndrome • Yuri!!! On Ice • Viktor/Yuuri | long for this world (WIP) • Merlin • Arthur/Merlin | Shadowplay • Harry Potter • Remus/Sirius | side effects • Yuri!!! On Ice • Viktor/Yuuri, gen | you might belong in hufflepuff (WIP) • Harry Potter • gen (for now)

oneshots | Aἰών • The Secret History • gen | and whose army? • Harry Potter • gen | broken hearts (make it rain) • Raven Cycle • Adam/Gansey | Coincidence • Haikyuu!! • Oikawa/Sugawara | (don't) turn around • Raven Cycle • Adam/Ronan | full moon twofold • Harry Potter • Remus/Sirius | How (Not) To Share A Bathroom • Haikyuu!! • Oikawa/Sugawara | if she wants me • Yuri!!! On Ice • Hiroko & Minako | July, 1981 • Harry Potter • Remus/Sirius | One Spell to Discover what My Enemy is doing Presently • The Secret History • gen | maybe i dreamt you • Raven Cycle • Adam/Ronan | mortuus est rex (kongen længe leve) • Hamlet • gen | nothing much to shout about • Harry Potter • Zacharias/Justin, gen | out there, somewhere • The Secret History • Richard/Francis | Play To Win • Merlin • Arthur/Merlin, gen | Shades of Green • Harry Potter • gen | slow down, you're taking me over • Haikyuu!! • Ennoshita/Futakuchi | so darkness i became • Haikyuu!! • gen | split like light refracted • The Magicians • Quentin/Eliot, gen | sternitur arcadiae proles • Brideshead Revisited • Charles/Sebastian | the time when you were mine • Harry Potter • Remus/Sirius

collabs | Due Season, with aroceu • Haikyuu!! • Oikawa/Sugawara | Quitting Through The Ages, or, Sport In A Time Of Midlife Crises, with TobermorianSass • Harry Potter • gen


forever fandoms | harry potter · wolfstar, trio era, oliver/percy | the magicians · quentin/eliot | merlin · merthur | the secret history · gen, richard/francis

inactive | a song of ice and fire · brienne/jaime | haikyuu!! · tsukkiyama, oisuga, ennofuta | raven cycle · adansey, pynch | yuri!!! on ice · viktuuri, ensemble cast

minor | brideshead revisited · charles/sebastian | hamlet · gen, hamlet/horatio | shaderunners · ezra/easton | the spy who came in from the cold · liz